Prithvi Theatre is delighted to partner with TIFR (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research), to present "Chai and Why?" - a monthly forum to enable informal discussions of interesting scientific issues outside a traditional academic setting.

1st Sunday of every month - Prithvi Theatre 11 am.

Building on the format of the popular "Cafe Scientifique" in Europe and "Science Cafes" in the US, Chai and Why? aims to engage people who are interested in science but generally never have the opportunity to discuss their views, and ask questions with someone "in the know". Chai and Why? aims to be informal and accessible - much more so than a public lecture. With a casual meeting place, plain language, and inclusive conversation we want to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for people with no science background, so that anyone can participate. We welcome suggestions from the audience about topics that you would like to have discussed.

What connects theatre and science?
Creativity. For us at Prithvi, that is clear. We want to explore that connection - enjoy the light bulb going off in our heads in different ways, and see where it takes us. We also think an engagement with science will open up windows of understanding into many of the present and future concerns of today's world - an understanding crucial to theatre practice.

Chai and Why? will start with a very short talk from the speaker, who is usually a scientist, to introduce the topic. After this there is usually a short break to allow discussions, chai (of course) and conversations to start. This is followed by an hour or so of questions and answers and general discussion. Anyone can ask a question, and we positively welcome those which begin "This might be a stupid question, but ..." These questions are invariably not stupid and often rather insightful.

Where and When?
Chai and Why? will be held on the first Sunday of every month, 11 am at Prithvi Theatre. There is no entry fee for Chai and Why? Just turn up, and do bring your questions along!