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Prithvi Theatre has performances Tuesday to Sunday through the year, with an average of over 626 shows a year!

The rental is scaled to the ticket rate – between Rs 150 to Rs 1180 depends on days.

Regular show times at Prithvi tend to be 6 pm & 9 pm. Groups have the option to perform one or two shows (of the same production) each evening on weekdays, but must perform two shows on weekends.

There is no form to be filled out for applications. Those wishing to apply for dates should send a letter addressed to our Manager, Mr Lalit Sathe, including the following information:

  • Date of Application
  • Name of Group, contact person, & contact address
  • Name of production(s) you wish to perform at Prithvi Theatre
  • Synopsis of plays
  • Cast & Credits for each play, including original writer and translator/adaptor of play
  • Relevant age group (if play for children)
  • DRM numbers of scripts, if available
    (Maharashtra requires all scripts to be passed by the Censor Board)
  • A brief note on your group (only required if your group has not performed at Prithvi Theatre)
  • Signee - name and designation
  • A note on your publicity/outreach activity for generating audiences for your shows
    (we do not give dates for sold out or private, invitee-only shows)

Dates are allotted bi-annually for regular shows. Applications deadlines and date allocations are as follows:
1 January (for dates between April & September)
1 July (for dates between October & March)
The application may be sent by hard copy or by email