Prithvi Theatre rentals are heavily subsided to facilitate the performing groups to be financially self-sufficient, thus ensuring their continuing work in theatre.

Over these many years, Prithvi Theatre has been fortunate to have Corporates, Patrons & Donors coming on board to partner us in our basic functioning – covering our losses so that we may continue to run effectively as a daily theatre venue, as well as additionally sponsoring our various activities like the Festival and Summertime.

However, it is still always a struggle to survive. Any income generated through the Theatre space does not even cover our running costs – let alone provide for repairs and renovation of the building and its facilities.

We have been moving towards the building of our Corpus Fund –to take care of our daily running ourselves, and maintain a professional administrative team at Prithvi Theatre.

If you would like to make a donation or contribution to the Prithvi Theatre Corpus Fund, or sponsor/partner in any of our events and programmes, please contact Lalit Sathe at for details.

Please note: All donations are exempted under the Section 80G of the Indian Income-tax laws.